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Picture Credits:

Picture Credit
3rd Generation Space Shuttle 'StarSaber' Michael Horne 2000
Active Galaxy NASA
Andromeda & Milky Way Map Unknown
Aquila Rift NASA
Betelgeuse NASA
Cats Michael Horne 2000
Colliding Galaxies NASA
Commodore PET Computer Unknown Hobbyist 
Commodore C64 Computer Unknown Hobbyist 
DEC PDP11/45 Computer Unknown Hobbyist 
DEC PDP 11/45 Console Unknown Hobbyist 
Dogs Michael Horne 2000
Dragons Egg Cover art to the Czech edition of Dragon's Egg, which Forward prefers. (Polaris/Marek Fiser)
End Of The Matter Book Cover Unknown
Eta Carinae Hubble, Photo Credit: Jon Morse (University of Colorado), and  NASA
Foundation Book Cover Unknown
Geomagnetic Drift Map Unknown
Gliese 710 Digitized Sky Survey
Global Asteroid Impact Don Davis (No Copyright) NASA
Great Library 5 Spirals Insignia Unknown
Hewlett Packard HP11C Calculator w/case & book Michael Horne 2000
Indus 5.25 Floppy Disk Drives Unknown Hobbyist 
ISS Current Mission/Assembly Status NASA Artwork Modified by Michael Horne
ISS Overall Assembly Status Exploded View NASA Artwork Modified by Michael Horne
Local Galaxy Groups Map Unknown
Meteor Crater, Arizona NASA
Micro Galactic Branch Library Unknown
Olivetti Programma 101 Calculator Olivetti Corporate Communication Dept
Orion Deep Space Telescopes Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Pern/Dragon riders Unknown
Post Versalog II 1460 Slide Rule s/case & book Michael Horne 2000
Red Mars Book Cover Unknown
Red Sun Chart Unknown
Ringworld Lars Lentz 1998
Rocheworld Book Cover Unknown
Sun 99/12/13 SOHO Realtime Image Courtesy of SOHO/[instrument] consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA
Sun Heliosphere Map Unknown
Sun Solar Flare NASA
Telrad Reflex Sight Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Texas Instruments SR10 Calculator w/case Michael Horne 2000
Texas Instruments SR 50 Calculator THE CALCULATOR REFERENCE, by Rick Furr (
Titian and Future Red Sun Cosmology Review
When Worlds Collide 'Booster' First Stage Michael Horne 2000
When Worlds Collide Spaceship 'Ark' Michael Horne 1999
When Worlds Collide Spaceship 'Ark In-Flight' Michael Horne 2000
When Worlds Collide Spaceship 'Ark' Second Stage Blueprint  Michael Horne 2000
Triplanetary Book Cover Unknown
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