Frederick Horn Descendants

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The Horn Family

The apparent ancestor of the HORN family in the Floyd, Johnson, Lawrence, and Martin Co. areas was Frederick Horn, who was active in County (Floyd) matters in the early 1800's. He was appointed a road surveyor in the 29 November 1814 court minutes, his land was adjoining other land in a transfer in 1815. Apparently there was a Sr. and Jr., because Sr. was exempted from future levies and road work in 28 August 1815 court records. (These exemptions usually occurred at age 60, or as a result of an infirmity.) The Frederick who was appointed surveyor may have been Jr. since he was not replaced until 26 February 1816 when Michael Crum took over.

James settled above the mouth of Big Elk Creek, a tributary of the Tug River, Martin Co., Kentucky.

James Horn was captured by the confederate solders, while he was living on Big Elk Creek, just a few hundred yards above the Robert Music home. His son, John Music (bef 1990) resides. James and some other men in the community hid out in the hills and built a small fort across the entrance of a cave under some cliffs and the fort is still recognizable (bef 1990). The cliffs are located on the hill in back of the Sherman Maynard home. He was captured while making sorghum about the year 1862.

He was taken to a southern prison and kept about 1.5 years. It could have been Andersonville, Alabama. While he was there he nearly starved to death. When he was released, he came back to his home and family on Big Elk Creek.

Sometime later, he purchased a tract of land at the forks of Turkey Creek. This tract of land extended up both the Spruce Pine and Long Fork, still bears his name,

Jane Mullins (2nd time) married after her husbands death, David Crum on 19 December 1899, at the Turkey Creek School house. The witnesses were James Horn, Harrison Jarrell, and John Mosley.

Jane (Mullins) Horn Crum is the grandmother of Larna (Endicott) Horn and the great-grandmother of Mintie (Hammonds) Endicott, residents of Route 40 on Backlog (bef 1990).