Sky Data Bases

Last revised: 07/21/01 07:59 PM

The Sky SDB's

I use The Sky Level IV for Home and Camping use.  It has a great capability to add new interesting objects of current interest.

While Camping with my telescope, I'm always asked many questions, so I decided to create some unique outreach type Sky Data Bases (SDB's) using Access 2000.  These data bases are of objects that are usually visible or are of current interests or have interesting pictures. 

These and other SDB's and the associated text files are free to use with source credit.

Right click on selected file and save to your computer.

File Contents Info SDB File Text File File Date
Extra Solar Planetary Systems
     < 13 Mass Jupiter   60 systems - 69 planets xsP.SDB xsP.txt 17 April 2001
     visible (<6 mag) 15 systems - 17 planets xsP6mag.SDB xsP6mag.txt 17 April 2001
Nearby Solar Systems
     within ~24ly 101 systems - 163 stars NBS.SDB NBS.TXT 17 April 2001
     visible (<6 mag) 19 systems - 21 stars NBS6MAG.SDB NBS6MAG.TXT 17 April 2001
Local Galaxy Group 45 galaxies local group.SDB local group.txt 17 April 2001
     stars 408 stars Names-Stars.SDB Names-Stars.txt 17 April 2001
     galaxies 56 galaxies Names-Galaxy.SDB Names-Galaxy.txt 17 April 2001
     other 32 interesting objects Names-Other.SDB Names-Other.txt 17 April 2001
SETI Search Stars Green Banks & Parkes SETI.SDB SETI.TXT 17 April 2001
     location references planetary systems info  - science fiction locations Notes.SDB Notes.txt 21 May 2001
     note files (zipped) save to '..The Sky/notes/' NOTES.ZIP 21 May 2001


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