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Ark Specifications 

When Worlds Collide Spaceship 'Ark In-Flight' - w-tS3.1   

trueSpace 1 First drawing

When Worlds Collide Spaceship 'Ark In-Flight' - w-tS3.1   When Worlds Collide Spaceship 'Ark' Second Stage Blueprint w-tS3.1   When Worlds Collide 'Booster' First Stage - w-tS3.1   When Worlds Collide Spaceship 'Booster' First Stage Blueprint w-tS3.1

Ark,  Booster Drawings and Blueprints

launchsitewolandscape1.jpg (47659 bytes)   launchsitewolandscape2.jpg (33358 bytes) 

Launch Site Scenes (with out landscape)

My first attempt with tS1.0 was of the spaceship in the movie 'When Worlds Collide'.  I've taken to calling it the Ark, but in the movie it was always 'The Ship'.  I used my memory and a small poster clipping to design it.

Since then, I obtained better source material, upgraded to tS3.1, then to tS4.3 and redid the Ark along with a Blueprint layout and have almost finished the first stage Booster.

I am in process of, creating a launch ramp scene.  The launch pad, ramp and gantry are done.  And I am currently working on the landscape.



 3rd Generation Space Shuttle 'Starsaber' w-tS1.0

My second attempt with tS1.0 was of the proposed 3rd generation design for the Space Shuttle.  Code named StarSaber.  I used tS3.1 to upgrade the picture, but because I originally used tS1.0, I ran into some limitations on how much I could do without starting over from scratch.


The Sci-Fi Channel  The Dominion web site did a review of a CAD Art web site featuring space scenes.  Once I went there, I was hooked.  I had to make my own pictures of my own space scenes.  With my budget I couldn't afford the great programs out there now, but I did find a registered give away copy of trueSpace 1.0.  It didn't have all the bells and whistles, but it would do.

I tried a few drawings and decided I liked it.  And when Caligari, the maker of trueSpace, had a 2000 Valentine week special on version 3.1 for 68% off,  I couldn't resist and picked it up.

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